custom calculation

hi everyone
I have a question about custom calculation before passing it to the loss function. Considering we have a network that generates a feature map I want to do some logic calculations without having any learnable parameter and pass it to the loss function. Would this calculation cause a problem for the backward method?
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You shouldn’t see any issues if you are using differentiable operations on the model output.

thank you for your response.
even if they are not part of the feed-forward they should be differentiable? I include the pseudo code here :

        output, _ = generator(input) # trianable model 
        custom_output = logic_cacualtion(output)
        custom_output_gt = logic_cacualtion(GT)
        loss =  torch.nn.functional.mse_loss(custom_output,custom_output_gt)

Yes, as generally PyTorch/Autograd does not care if an operation is inside a model’s forward function or in a global context. The computation graph will be created using the tracked operations so they should be differentiable if you want to backpropagate through them.

I really appreciate your response.
I have yet two other questions.
1-So if I want to use unfold and reshape is it impossible? if yes how backpropagation works for this function?
2- can I ensure the gradient is calculated by :

 for name, param in model.named_parameters():
                 if param.grad is not None:
                      print(model - Parameter: {name}, Gradient Norm: {param.grad.norm()}')

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  • unfold and reshape are differentiable, so autograd should work
  • not sure what you mean by your second question, do you want to compute second order gradients?

thank you for your response.
actually, I want to be sure that the gradient for each parameter is calculated. so can I use that code to print the gradient of model parameters?