CustomDataset give me error

I created a custom dataset but when I test it give me error:
“obj = super().new(cls, *args, **kwds)
TypeError: takes exactly one argument (the type to instantiate)”

Below is my code:

class HRLRDataset(Dataset):

def __int__(self, root_dir, transform=None):
    self.root_dir = root_dir
    self.transform = transform

    lr_path, hr_path = os.path.join(self.root_dir, "lr"), os.path.join(self.root_dir, "hr")
    self.lr_files = sorted(glob.glob(lr_path + "/*.*"))
    self.hr_files = sorted(glob.glob(hr_path + "/*.*"))

def __len__(self):
    return max(len(self.lr_files), len(self.hr_files))

def __getitem__(self, index):
    hr_img =[index])
    lr_img =[index])
    if self.transform:
        hr_img = self.hr_transform(hr_img)
        lr_img = self.lr_transform(lr_img)

    return {"lr": lr_img, "hr": hr_img}

Did you mean to write __init__ rather than __int__?

Thank you, I could not find these subtle typo bug int. I actually meant init. many thanks