Customized layer does not have parameters to train


I’m trying to customize layer following the tutorial Extending Pytorch. I created a similar customized function and nn.Module like LinearFunction and Linear in the example. However, when I use the my customized layer to replace the FC layer in the official mnist example, it shows no parameters for this layers. (While the testing step will work, the training process shows an error: ValueError: optimizer got an empty parameter list).

My customized function is:

class LinearDecomp(Function):
    # Note that both forward and backward are @staticmethods
    def forward(ctx, input, coefs, dictionary, bias=None):
        weight =, coefs).cuda() # reconstruct the weight
        ctx.save_for_backward(input, weight, dictionary, coefs, bias)
        output =
        if bias is not None:
            output += bias.unsqueeze(0).expand_as(output)
        return output

    # This function has only a single output, so it gets only one gradient
    def backward(ctx, grad_output):
        input, weight, coefs, dictionary, bias = ctx.saved_variables
        grad_input = grad_input = grad_coefs = grad_bias = None
        grad_weight = grad_output.t().mm(input) # do not output

        if ctx.needs_input_grad[0]:
            grad_input =

        # if ctx.needs_input_grad[1]:
        grad_weight = grad_output.t().mm(input) # do not output grad_weight

        if ctx.needs_input_grad[2]:
            grad_coefs = dictionary.t().mm(grad_weight)

        if ctx.needs_input_grad[3]:
            grad_dictionary = grad_weight.t().mm(grad_coefs.t())

        if bias is not None and ctx.needs_input_grad[4]:
            grad_bias = grad_output.sum(0).squeeze(0)

        return grad_input, grad_coefs, grad_dictionary, grad_bias

The layer is defined as:

class FCDecomp(nn.Module):
def __init__(self, coefs, dictionary, bias_val, input_features, output_features, bias=True):
    super(FCDecomp, self).__init__()
    self.dictionary = nn.Parameter(dictionary, requires_grad=False).cuda()
    self.coefs = nn.Parameter(coefs, requires_grad=True).cuda()
    if bias:
        self.bias = nn.Parameter(bias_val, requires_grad=True).cuda()
        self.register_parameter('bias', None)

def forward(self, input):
    return LinearDecomp.apply(input, self.coefs, self.dictionary, self.bias)

Could somebody please help me on this?

you need to do:

`self.dictionary = nn.Parameter(dictionary.cuda(), requires_grad=False)

That line in your code is wrong.

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Thank you very much! It solved.