DataParallel only supports Tensor output

I create a model that returns a dictionary. However, when I try to train it with DataParallel, it seems like the output dictionary cannot be properly gathered.

line 62, in gather_map
    return type(out)(map(gather_map, zip(*outputs)))
TypeError: zip argument #1 must support iteration

I realize at 1.0.0 the output of model supports dictionary with multi gpu, thanks to this.

    def gather_map(outputs):
        out = outputs[0]
        if isinstance(out, torch.Tensor):
            return Gather.apply(target_device, dim, *outputs)
        if out is None:
            return None
        if isinstance(out, dict):
            if not all((len(out) == len(d) for d in outputs)):
                raise ValueError('All dicts must have the same number of keys')
            return type(out)(((k, gather_map([d[k] for d in outputs]))
                              for k in out))
        return type(out)(map(gather_map, zip(*outputs)))

However, we only have support for Tensor and dictionary. Be aware we don’t support Numbers.