Do any PyTorch AMIs exist on AWS?

I searched pytorch and didn’t see any.

You should be fine with any AMI that has anaconda + cuda installed. PyTorch works pretty much out of the box, just run conda install ... and you’re good to go.

Edit: ofc. if you don’t need gpu, anaconda alone will suffice.

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Ubuntu 16.04 + Python3 + PyTorch ami just appeared:


AMI Name

@mjdietzx your tutorial is way too complicated than it should be.
Once you get the AMI, these are all the commands you have to execute to get going:

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I tried that and it at least doesn’t work out of box on p2 instances. Think
there are some minor differences but do agree that this approach is easier.
I’ll try to update blog post tomorrow w/ these changes.


I was able to simplify downloading and installing cuda, cudnn alot. updated
the post. went with a slightly diff approach than what you posted, if you
see anything i can fix/improve please let me know:

i dont know why you have to download CUDA (or especially CuDNN). We already ship both with our binaries. The only thing required is an NVIDIA driver on the machine.

OK, I didn’t know pytorch shipped with those binaries. how does this look?
will update blog if looks good:


looks pretty good :slight_smile:

Here are AWS DeepLearning AMIs, with the PyTorch in it: