Do examples in the webpage proper to use in Pytorch version 0.4


I have just started to pytorch-ing. I saw that recently a new pytorch version (0.4) has been released. I wonder do the examples or tutorials in the official pytorch webpage is modified accordingly? For example, I heard that there is no more Variable type in pytorch but I still saw them in the examples I shared above. So, my question: Is it dangerous to use these examples if we are planning to use pytorch version 0.4?


All of the examples and tutorials should be modified accordingly. Variable is deprecated, but you can still use it for backwards compatibility reasons. However, as you noted, it is better to not use Variables in your code: could you point me to where those are still being used in the examples/tutorials?

Sure, today I saw usage of variable only on this example. I guess others have already been updated accordingly.

The only place I see its usage is in the Tensorflow examples. Did I miss it?

My bad. As you said, the variable I was talking about is part of TF code not pytorch. Then, I guess I should close this thread since I do not have any other example for now.