Do I need to install the proprietary AMD drivers to use ROCM on Ubuntu?

The directions I see most commonly for installing ROCM on Ubuntu involve doing this

sudo apt-get install ./amdgpu-install_5.3.50300-1_all.deb
sudo amdgpu-install --usecase=rocm

Won’t this install the proprietary AMD graphics drivers? I’d rather not use them because they’re not as good as their open source counterparts on Linux, if I remember correctly when I installed the proprietary AMD drivers for Ubuntu it involved commands similar to this, does the --usecase=rocm make it so that only ROCM is installed?

In a nutshell, my question is if I’m using a Radeon 5700 XT navi11 GPU on Ubuntu 22.04.3 jammy do I need to use the proprietary AMD graphics drivers in order to use ROCM or can I keep the open source drivers? I see there’s another installation method using the Ubuntu repositories would this work to only install ROCM and not the proprietary drivers?