Documentation API (e.g. for external documentation in IDEs such as Pycharm)

Hi there,
is there a proper API to access the documentation? I would like to make use of the external documentation functionality in Pycharm.
For example numpy’s documentation api is:{}generated/{}.{}.html

where available macros are


Agree. That would be pretty helpful.
I am currently using{element.qname}, but it may not work if the function is not under torch.html

I compiled the documentation for the master branch and put them on GitHub:

You can use this link for PyTorch:{element.qname}


This settings works for me quite well:

troch.nn.functional ->{element.qname}
torch ->{module.basename}.html#{element.qname}

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This does not seem to work anymore. The new link to documentation should look like{module.basename}.html#{element.qname}, but it does not work for me in PyCharm either. Did something change since Sep’19?

Try this{element.qname.lower}.{}.html#{element.qname.lower}.{}

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