Does adaptive_avg_pool2d and mean(multidim) dispatch to the same kernel?

Do y and z computation dispatch to the same kernel? Are they the same for efficiency concerns? (also asked in Difference between mean() method and AvgPooling)

x = torch.rand(16, 512, 64, 64)

y = F.adaptive_avg_pool2d(x, (1, 1)) # should I refactor my code to do this instead of the following line? (it's maybe less flexible)

z = x.movedim(-3, -1).mean(dim = [-3, -2], keepdim = True).movedim(-1, -3) # some convoluted reshapes and keepdim mean

Both approaches would calculate the mean only as seen here. The dispatch would be a bit different in case you are checking the stack trace.

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