Don't know where to start

So, first off, I’m a touch thinker. I can’t just read to learn much, I have to actually write code to figure out what’s happening. My problem is I’ve figured out linear regression easily enough (it’s not terribly complicated using torch), but everything I read moves on immediately to computer vision, which I really don’t care about. All I really want to do is figure out what’s really next after linear regression (I don’t know what question to ask in google).

Here’s what I want to do - instead of the basic y = 2x +1 problem, I want to add a second variable. z = 2x * y, for example (I eventually want to build a model for 10 or more variables, but I need somewhere to start).

Can someone tell me what question to ask? Is this RNN, DNN? Log? I just need a pointer or an example that doesn’t involve data loaders or CV. Just raw numbers.

Appreciate any help I can get, thanks.

Well you seem to be asking for polynomial regression.

In general, there are bunch of nice ML courses at Coursera. They might help you get started.