Dropout for long tensor?

Currently it prompts "fused_dropout" not implemented for 'Long', whereas it’s not a problem for Theano.

Is this feature we should wait for a while? or is it a bug?

The problem is that modern dropout scales the outputs by 1/p. This would mean that you can only use 1/n, n integer . Also you don’t get autograd with long tensors. As such, the use-case seems too limited to include it in PyTorch given that torch.empty_like(a).bernoulli_(keep_prob) * a will give you an (unscaled) dropout for long with not much code.

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There’s no much sense to do mandatory scaling in Dropout, this feature should be optional controlled by a input argument.

Anyway, thanks for replying.

I’m not so sure about this claim, as the expected values will be off, which will most likely result in bad validation and test performance as described in the Dropout paper.

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