Error in Gaussian Process implementation

I create a new version of Expected Improvement for my problem.
When I run it I obtain the next configuration to analyse in the model.
Then an error occur in this line :
where my update_model function is defined like this:
def update_model(self, cell_config):
self.model = self.model.condition_on_observations(cell_config.get_tilt(), cell_config.get_reward())
mll = ExactMarginalLogLikelihood(self.model.likelihood, self.model)
return self.model

The error is this one:
RuntimeError: Fantasy observations can only be added after making predictions with a model so that all test independent caches exist. Call the model on some data first!

The error message seems to be raised by a method, which is specific to the repository you are using, so I would recommend to ask the authors or create an issue in the repository directly. :slight_smile:

That being said, based on the error message it seems you would have to call the model with data before calling the code snippet, which is raising this error.