Error in loss.backward() - merge_sort: failed to synchronize: unspecified launch failure


i got this error when i run loss.backward()
is there anybody had this problem before?

my model is:

class modeler(nn.Module):
def init(self, numUsers, numItems, embedding_dim):
super(modeler, self).init()
self.numu = numUsers
self.numi = numItems
self.dim = embedding_dim
self.userEmbed = nn.EmbeddingBag(self.numu, self.dim, mode = ‘mean’)
self.itemEmbed = nn.EmbeddingBag(self.numi, self.dim, mode = ‘mean’)

def init_weights(self):
    nn.init.normal_(, mean=0.0, std=0.01)
    nn.init.normal_(, mean=0.0, std=0.01)

def forward(self, u_batch, i_batch, u_i_idx, u_i_ofs, i_u_idx, i_u_ofs):
    # Get embedding
    u_idx = Variable(torch.LongTensor(range(0, len(u_batch))).cuda())
    i_idx = Variable(torch.LongTensor(range(0, len(i_batch))).cuda())
    u_emb = self.userEmbed(u_batch, u_idx)
    i_emb = self.itemEmbed(i_batch, i_idx)
    # Get neighborhood embeddings
    u_nei_emb = self.userEmbed(u_i_idx, u_i_ofs)
    i_nei_emb = self.itemEmbed(i_u_idx, i_u_ofs)  
    # Get r_{ui}
    trans_vec = u_nei_emb * i_nei_emb
    # Distance Regularizer
    score = (u_emb + trans_vec - i_emb)**2
    reg1 = score.sum()

    # Neighborhood Regularizer
    reg2 = ((u_emb - u_nei_emb)**2).sum() + ((i_emb - i_nei_emb)**2).sum()
    out = torch.sum(score,1)
    # Gather regularizers
    reg = [reg1, reg2]
    return out, reg

here’s a spot the errors cheat sheet:

Thank you!
However, i already tried that

Any fixes that you found @Wonbin_Kweon?