Error occurring in inception v3 network

My code is below

loss_epoch_arr = []
max_epochs = 5

min_loss = 1000

n_iters = np.ceil(50000/training_batchsize)

for epoch in range(max_epochs):

for i, data in enumerate(train_loader, 0):

    inputs, labels = data
    inputs, labels =,


    outputs, aux_outputs = inception(inputs)
    loss = loss_fn(outputs, labels) + 0.3 * loss_fn(aux_outputs, labels)
    if min_loss > loss.item():
        min_loss = loss.item()
        best_model = copy.deepcopy(inception.state_dict())
        print('Min loss %0.2f' % min_loss)
    if i % 100 == 0:
        print('Iteration: %d/%d, Loss: %0.2f' % (i, n_iters, loss.item()))
    del inputs, labels, outputs
print('Epoch: %d/%d, Test acc: %0.2f, Train acc: %0.2f' % (
    epoch, max_epochs, 
    evaluation_inception(test_loader, inception), 
    evaluation_inception(train_loader, inception)))


Error occurred:-

RuntimeError:-Calculated padded input size per channel: (3 x 3). Kernel size: (5 x 5). Kernel size can’t be greater than actual input size

How to resolve it?

The Inception model expects inputs with a spatial size of 299x299. If your input size is small than this, some activations might be too small regarding their spatial size, such that the kernel size is actually bigger, which yields this error.
In that case, you could use torchvision.transforms.Resize((299, 299) to resize your input to the desired size.

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yeah it worked like charm Thanks @ ptrbick