Error while importing torchaudio

:bug: Bug

I’m getting this error:
AttributeError: module 'torchaudio._internal.module_utils' has no attribute 'requires_sox'
while importing torchaudio

To Reproduce

I’m using a kaggle notebook
just executed these lines:

!pip install --upgrade torch
!pip install --upgrade torchaudio
import torchaudio


( output)
PyTorch version: 1.9.0+cu102
Is debug build: False
CUDA used to build PyTorch: 10.2
ROCM used to build PyTorch: N/A

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS (x86_64)
GCC version: (Ubuntu 7.5.0-3ubuntu1~18.04) 7.5.0
Clang version: Could not collect
CMake version: version 3.10.2
Libc version: glibc-2.10

Python version: 3.7.10 | packaged by conda-forge | (default, Feb 19 2021, 16:07:37) [GCC 9.3.0] (64-bit runtime)
Python platform: Linux-5.4.120±x86_64-with-debian-buster-sid
Is CUDA available: True
CUDA runtime version: 11.0.221
GPU models and configuration: GPU 0: Tesla P100-PCIE-16GB
Nvidia driver version: 450.119.04
cuDNN version: Probably one of the following:
HIP runtime version: N/A
MIOpen runtime version: N/A

Versions of relevant libraries:
[pip3] msgpack-numpy==
[pip3] numpy==1.19.5
[pip3] pytorch-ignite==0.4.5
[pip3] pytorch-lightning==1.3.8
[pip3] torch==1.9.0
[pip3] torchaudio==0.9.0
[pip3] torchmetrics==0.4.1
[pip3] torchtext==0.8.0a0+cd6902d
[pip3] torchvision==0.8.1
[conda] blas 1.0 mkl
[conda] cudatoolkit 11.0.221 h6bb024c_0 nvidia
[conda] libblas 3.9.0 9_mkl conda-forge
[conda] libcblas 3.9.0 9_mkl conda-forge
[conda] liblapack 3.9.0 9_mkl conda-forge
[conda] liblapacke 3.9.0 9_mkl conda-forge
[conda] mkl 2021.2.0 h06a4308_296
[conda] msgpack-numpy pypi_0 pypi
[conda] numpy 1.19.5 py37haa41c4c_1 conda-forge
[conda] pytorch-ignite 0.4.5 pypi_0 pypi
[conda] pytorch-lightning 1.3.8 pypi_0 pypi
[conda] torch 1.9.0 pypi_0 pypi
[conda] torchaudio 0.9.0 pypi_0 pypi
[conda] torchmetrics 0.4.1 pypi_0 pypi
[conda] torchtext 0.8.0 py37 pytorch
[conda] torchvision 0.8.1 py37_cu110 pytorch