Examples in the tutorials should at the very least work, and a central repo would be even better

I get that this is a relatively new and fast moving project. But so many things just plain don’t work or have simple bugs everywhere in the tutorials. For instance, just running the following code: https://pytorch.org/tutorials/_downloads/cifar10_tutorial.py will throw a runtime error, something to do with pickling.

I’d love to fix the issue and open a PR but this one example isn’t even in the same repo as the other ones at https://github.com/spro/practical-pytorch which the guy says is deprecated, but then people have to play more detective to find the “legit” ones by pytorch.

Are we allowed to open PRs for the documentation on this site? Because ML + new framework + new language (for some) is tough enough without all the other roadblocks.

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Yes of course all PR to fix / clarify tutorials are welcome !