Factorizarion machines

I’ve been thinking about implementing factorization machines algorithms (the basic one, or more advanced such as in libraries like LightFM and LibFFM) in pytorch.
Does someone knows if it was already done somehow? if not, do you think the speed-up will be wothwhile?

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it is definitely not done yet (I am trying to keep tabs on user-implemented pytorch repositories)

Thanks! I’ll put it in my todo list :slight_smile:
Is the user implemented models list is available somewhere?

Hi there,

I recently started using PyTorch (more familiar with Keras) and here is 1st my attempt at Factorization Machine:

Remark ; I implemented it using the O(k.N) formulation found in Steffen Rendle paper


If you’re interested, I have also implemented a factorization machine in pytorch – I cythonized the forward and backward passes, and so it’s relatively fast. Definitely a work-in-progress still!