Find predicted image ID and box from SSD

Could you please help me to find predicted image id and Box from SSD, I am using this GitHub link here is the test function which I want to save the image id and box

def test(loader, net, criterion, device):
running_loss = 0.0
running_regression_loss = 0.0
running_classification_loss = 0.0
num = 0
for _, data in enumerate(loader):
images, boxes, labels = data
images =
boxes =
labels =
num += 1

    with torch.no_grad():
        confidence, locations = net(images)
        regression_loss, classification_loss = criterion(confidence, locations, labels, boxes)
        loss = regression_loss + classification_loss

    running_loss += loss.item()
    running_regression_loss += regression_loss.item()
    running_classification_loss += classification_loss.item()
return running_loss / num, running_regression_loss / num, running_classification_loss / num

Did you check out this sample provided in the repo to run your model predictions?