Floating point exception (core dumped) for the resnet50-v2 model

I tried to compile the model (resnet50-v2-7.onnx) which I downloaded from ONNX-ZOO. When I just compiled the model, by command
./model-compiler -backend=CPU -model=resnet50-v2-7.onnx -emit-bundle/ -bundle-api=dynamic
It runs perfectly fine, but when I compiled it after creating the profile, by command

./image-classifier cat_285.png -image-mode=0to1 -model=resnet50-v2-7.onnx -dump-profile=profile.yml -model-input-name=data
./model-compiler -backend=CPU -model=resnet50-v2-7.onnx -emit-bundle=bundle2/ -bundle-api=dynamic -load-profile=profile.yml -relocation-model=pic

It produces an error, Floating point exception (core dumped)

What can be the problem? It’s clear that the profiler is creating the problem in some node, but how this error can be resolved?

It’s hard to say what the problem could be without more details. Can you compile in debug mode/run in a debugger to get a stack trace?