Forecast future points in timeseries data

How does a model forecast future data without those points in time? I trained my model, and validated it, but I’m struggling with predictions.

def predict_future(seconds: int, future_data, df):
    all_preds = []
    seq = torch.from_numpy(future_data[:batch_size]).float()

    with torch.no_grad():
        preds = model(seq).detach().to('cpu').numpy()

        preds = np.squeeze(preds[:seconds]).shape

        preds = undo_normalize_0_to_1(preds, df.min, df.max)


        return all_preds

This is my code, but it doesn’t predict future points, it only makes predictions on “seconds” number of points in the array future_data. I was thinking maybe I need to shift my data so that each point corresponds to the future point, but I wasn’t sure if that was a legitimate approach to this.