Freeze and Unfreeze the network

[Input -> Encoder -> Classifier
                  -> Classifier2]
def freeze(...) # defined to freeze the network
def unfreeze(...) # defined to unfreeze the network

# in train-loop:

enc_out = encoder(input)
class_out = classifier(enc_out)
class_loss = ce(class_out, target)
# -> trained only classifier.

class_out2 = classifier2(enc_out) # This part !!!
class_loss2 = ce(class_out2, target)

If I use enc_out when training classifier2, does the encoder also trained?
Or do I have to do enc_out = encoder(input) again after unfreeze(encoder)?

enc_out would also get gradients, if you pass its output to classifier2 directly and call backward() on the calculated loss. To avoid it, you should detach the tensor:

class_out2 = classifier2(enc_out.detach())
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