Geforce RTX 4070 Ti Super support for pytorch-gpu

Could you please let me know whether “Geforce RTX 4070ti Super” support Pytorch-gpu.
In below link
it is specified that Geforce RTX 4070 ti is capable for CUDA Pytorch-gpu. But it didn’t mentioned anything about “4070ti Super”. “RTX 4070 Ti” and “RTX 4070 Ti Super” have different numbers of CUDA cores and VRAM, so I’m concerned about potential issues when configuring environments for Pytorch-GPU in the future. Please confirm whether Geforce RTX 4070ti Super support Pytorch-gpu.

Yes, the 4070 To Super is supported in all of our current binaries.

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Thank you so much! Even though they both have different CUDA cores and VRAM, the RTX 4070ti Super can run all of the current binaries using the GPU!

Yes as these details are irrelevant.


Thanks for letting me know=)