GeneralizedRCNNTransform scale_factor error

Hi All , I am new here.
I currently am getting a TypeError: object of type ‘float’ has no len()

I assumed that this error was on my end, so I looked through torchVision to see what was causing it and thus, could correct my error.

However it seemed that the error was being caused by variables created within torchVision

GeneralizedRCNNTransform is setting scale_factor = size / min_size

this then falls over in ConvTranspose2d.interpolate

def _check_size_scale_factor(dim, size, scale_factor):
# type: (int, Optional[List[int]], Optional[float]) -> None
if size is None and scale_factor is None:
raise ValueError(“either size or scale_factor should be defined”)
if size is not None and scale_factor is not None:
raise ValueError(“only one of size or scale_factor should be defined”)
if not (scale_factor is not None and len(scale_factor) != dim):
raise ValueError(
"scale_factor shape must match input shape. "
“Input is {}D, scale_factor size is {}”.format(dim, len(scale_factor))

I expect this complete to be an error on my side however I can not find it , any help / guidance would be appreciated

In the current master, the lines of code seem to have been changes ~last month as seen here so it could have been a bug, which was fixed recently.
Could you install the latest nightly binary (or build from source) and rerun your code?

thank you this solved the issue