Get a Bus Error, when using distUtils.DistributedSampler

Hello everyone,

I’m getting a Bus error (core dumped) , when using the distUtils.DistributedSampler with a larger dataset.

It works fine, once I reduce the data size or don’t use the distUtils.DistributedSampler.

Any thoughts on what may be causing this or how I can fix it ? Thx

My code is following:

corpus_dataset = CorpusDataset(h5py_path, self.word2Vec, self.args.maxL_input, self.args.maxL_output)
train_sampler = None
if self.args.distributed:
    dist.init_process_group(backend=self.args.distBackend, init_method=self.args.distUrl,
                                    world_size=self.args.worldSize, rank=self.args.rank)
    train_sampler = distUtils.DistributedSampler(corpus_dataset, self.args.worldSize, self.args.rank)

custom_loader = Data.DataLoader(
    shuffle=(train_sampler is None),
    drop_last=(train_sampler is not None),

for epoch in range(self.args.numEpochs):                
    for posts, p_lens, responses, r_lens, labels in custom_loader:

Dataset and collate_fn

class CorpusDataset(Data.Dataset):
    def __init__(self, h5_path, word2Vec, maxL_input, maxL_output):
        self.h5f = h5py.File(h5_path, 'r')
        self.word2Vec = word2Vec
        self.pad_id = word2Vec.word2id(TAG_TOKEN_PAD)

        self.input_boundary = maxL_input  
        self.output_boundary = maxL_output

        self.datasize = self.h5f['posts'].shape[0]
        # When the variable(times) is greater than 3 , it can not work in my device and getting the getting a Bus error (core dumped) .**
        self.len = self.datasize + (self.datasize * times)

    def __getitem__(self, index):
        question_index = index if index < self.datasize else index % self.datasize
        answer_index = index if index < self.datasize else get_random(question_index)

        raw_post = self.h5f['posts'][question_index].split()
        raw_response = self.h5f['responses'][answer_index].split()

        label = 1 if index < self.datasize else  label = 0

        post = raw_post[:self.input_boundary]
        response = raw_response[:self.output_boundary]

        post = self.word2Vec.sentence2id(post, True)
        response = self.word2Vec.sentence2id(response, True)

        return post, response, label

    def __len__(self):
        return self.len

def collate_fn(batch):
    pairs = sorted(batch, key=lambda p: len(p[0]), reverse=True)
    inputs_batch, targets_batch, labels, pad_id = zip(*pairs)

    pad_id = pad_id[0]

    p_lens, posts = count_len_and_add_pad(inputs_batch, pad_id)
    r_lens, responses = count_len_and_add_pad(targets_batch, pad_id)

    posts = torch.LongTensor(posts)
    responses = torch.LongTensor(responses)

    labels = torch.FloatTensor(labels).unsqueeze(1)

    return posts, p_lens, responses, r_lens, labels 

Hi, I have met a similar error, and setting num_workers=0 solves my problem. Note the warning of DistributedDataParallel in the documentation:
If you plan on using this module with a nccl backend or a gloo backend (that uses Infiniband), together with a DataLoader that uses multiple workers, please change the multiprocessing start method to forkserver (Python 3 only) or spawn . Unfortunately Gloo (that uses Infiniband) and NCCL2 are not fork safe, and you will likely experience deadlocks if you don’t change this setting.
I think use multiprocessing.set_start_method('forkserver') will also work, I will try this method later.

You are right. Setting num_workers=0 works.
BTW, do you have any thoughts on what may be causing this? This problem has been bothering me for several days. :frowning:
Anyway, thank you very much .

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