Getting an error while built a bundle for ONNX model

I am getting an error while built a bundle for the ONNX model. I have downloaded the pre-trained model from here
I have followed the instruction from here
My system OS is Windows 10.

I have used below command
model-compiler -model=E:\Glow\onnx_mnist_model\mnist-8.onnx -emit-bundle=E:\Glow\converted_onnxModel -backend=CPU

It’s through the below error
WARNING: Logging before InitGoogleLogging() is written to STDERR
F0813 17:15:02.143579 3536 Error.cpp:119] exitOnError(Error) got an unexpected ErrorValue:
Error message: Failed to parse ModelProto
Error return stack:

Have you been able to load the protobuf elsewhere? That error points to some issue due to the format of the protobuf itself, i.e. it isn’t being parsed correctly into C++ before Glow can even start taking a look at it.