Getting the value of a int tensor by using data<int>()


I found that in the debugging model, I can get the value of a float tensor by *tensor_name[0].data<float>(), in which instead of 0 I can use any other valid index. But, when I have defined an int tensor by adding option at::kInt into the tensor creation, I cannot use this structure to get the value of the tensor, i.e. something like *tensor_name[0].data<at::kInt>() or *tensor_name[0].data<int>() does not work and the debugger keeps saying that Couldn't find method at::Tensor::data<at::kInt> or Couldn't find method at::Tensor::data<int>.
I can get the values by auto value_array = tensor_name=accessor<int,1>(), but it was easier to use *tensor_name[0].data<int>(). Can you please let me know how I can use data<>() to get the value of an int tensor?

I also have a same problem with bool type.


@afshin67 I wasn’t able to reproduce this error. Can you post the full code of your model?

I got an answer in stackoverflow:

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