Hardware Requirements for GPU PyTorch

Hi there

I have a Dell T5400 (from 2006 vintage) with 32GB RAM , 2 X Xeon, SSD and a pair of GTX 1080 Ti cards. It works well for DL with TensorFlow, but requires me to build TF from scratch due to the lack of AVX support with my processors.

Does PyTorch require AVX capabilities? I cannot find this information anywhere, not anything regarding Compute Capability requirements for Nvidia cards.

Any pointers appreciated!

I am hoping either there is a compatible wheel but I will compile myself if need be.

OK found the answer.

Torch (quite amazingly) can auto-detect the instruction set and execute around this. Meaning my lack of AVX is not an issue. If only Tensorflow did the same. It was a joy to get cifar10 running on multiple GPU within minutes.