Help editing loss or parameter update in Prioritized Experience Replay

Hi. I’m trying to implement DQN with prioritized experience replay. (This paper: I need to multiply the gradients of the parameters by importance sampling weights before I update the neural network parameters. For my loss function I’ve been using huber loss.

Here is a snippet of my code:

    for param, weight in zip(self.qnet.parameters(), sampling_weights_batch):
   *= weight

Instead of redefining the smooth_l1_loss, I go through each parameter gradient and multiply it by the corresponding sampling weight which I stored in my replay memory. Is there a faster way to do this? Thanks!

You will have to use ._grad in order to overwrite the gradient.

But you should definitely prefer to change the loss computation (it would be much simpler and cleaner). The smooth_l1_loss is immediate to rewrite by hand, and you just need a step to multiply with your weights before summing the batch dimension. Something like this:

class WeightedLoss(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self):

    def forward(self, input, target, weights):
        batch_loss = (torch.abs(input - target)<1).float()*(input - target)**2 +\
            (torch.abs(input - target)>=1).float()*(torch.abs(input - target) - 0.5)
        weighted_batch_loss = weight * loss 
        weighted_loss = weighted_batch_loss.sum()
        return weighted_loss

It worked. Thank you Alexis!!!

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Hi @8Gitbrix,

I was wondering if your Prioritized Experience Replay code was available anywhere? Think it would make a really cool addition if it was possible to add it to the PyTorch tutorial for Q-learning?

It’s very interesting :blush:



Hi Ajay. Unfortunately its not working, and the prioritized code is work related which I myself didn’t implement - but my reference was jaromiru’s code (worth checking out if you want to add it to the pytorch tutorial). If I do get something on my own I’ll let you know, or we can code something together!


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Also, I have my own dqn code which I put on github: . I tested its convergence to a local optimum on the game freeway, but I haven’t ran any rull tests on games since I only have a cpu on my macbook :frowning: . If anyone could test it and push the results that would be great.

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Hi Ashwin,

there’s a good implementation of prioritized experience replay, (in TensorFlow unfortunately), by OpenAI -

Would be fun to try to port it over to PyTorch :grinning: Seems that PER buffer is language agnostic?



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