Help with Simple ANN for data prediction

I am a mechanical engineering student and this is my first time venturing into coding. I wish to create a Neural network for predicting an experimental output.

I have three inputs
Let’s say Power§, feed(F), speed(V) and
Two outputs
Let’s say X, Y

I hear that there different types of Neural networks like ANN, RNN and CNN etc. These are some which I know of, so I want to create a customised Neural network in which we can change the no. of neurons, layers and training functions and different aspects to compare different networks and decide the best one with higher prediction accuracy.

Can anyone please help.

To get familiar with PyTorch I would recommend to take a look at the tutorials.
However, given that you just start working in machine learning, I think a course such as might also be a good starter.

If you want to learn more about deep learning specifically, you could take a look at the DeepLearning Book or at Bishop’s Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning for a general ML introduction. :slight_smile: