Help with tensorboard

I’m not sure if this issue comes from pytorch or not, but I figured people might have some advice.

When I run tensorboard i can’t connect to it, getting messages like “[02/Nov/2019 01:04:58] code 400, message Bad request version (‘lèÆ,\x00"êê\x13\x01\x13\x02\x13\x03À+À/À,À0̨̩À\x13À\x14\x00\x9c\x00\x9d\x00/\x005\x00’)”. The generated log file looks similarly odd " £K" ø?I‹5o×A
brain.Event:2‰n£C £K" ¨I‹5o×A* y_2x ñxC ›Ø- ¨I‹5o×A*

y_2x @°1oå ›Ø- ¨I‹5o×A* y_2x €@‡| ›Ø- ¨I‹5o×A*

y_2x À@pwƒ ›Ø- ¨I‹5o×A* y_2x Aö´D© ›Ø- ¨I‹5o×A*

y_2x Aé»»} ›Ø- ¨`I‹5o×A*"

any ideas whats going on here or how to resolve this - note that this is from a very simple test code (the one in the docs for add scalars)

I had this same issue. Mine was due to my browser forcing HTTPS because of the HTTPS Everywhere extension. If you have the same issue, just disable it for this website and it will be good to go.