How and where can i set index for class?

how and where can i set index for class?
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You can set the class index manually, if you are creating the dataset.
If you are using a dataset from torchvision, such as MNIST, the classes would be already predefined.
For ImageFolder, the specified folders will be sorted and the class indices will be created according to the sorted folders starting at 0.

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What sorting order is followed? if there is cat and dog folder , which one is index:0

The order is determined by the sort() method used in this line of code, which might be OS-dependent. In your example, cat would most likely be class0 and dog class1 and you can check it via the dataset.class_to_index attribute.

However, there were differences on Windows and Linux in the sorting of names starting with numbers.
If I remember correctly, you would have to prepend zeros to the name to get the same sorting: