How can i change nn.LSTM to eval mode?

rnn = nn.LSTM(10, 20, 2)
input = Variable(torch.randn(5, 3, 10))
output, hn = rnn(input)

In the above example, input for nn.LSTM should be 3 dimensional tensor. However, for example image captioning and machine translation, at the evaluation step, LSTM’s input can not be predetermined. During the evaluation phase, LSTM should takes 2D tensor, generates output and feedback it to the next time step.

How can i deal with this problem?
I used nn.LSTM in my image captioning model.

I don’t understand what’s the problem. If you only have a single time and a single batch you can just give a 1x1x10 Variable to the LSTM.

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I solved this problem as you said. I should have thought a bit more. Thanks.