How can I implement a mask tensor in libtorch?

As the title, how can I implement a mask tensor with libtorch written in python such as:

mask_ = (box[:, 3] <= box[:, 1]) | (box[:, 2] <= box[:, 0])

I’ve done with indexing but I’ve struggled with “|” operator.

mask_ =, 3) <=, 1);

Just using | would seem to work in C++:

csrc = """
torch::Tensor fn(const torch::Tensor& a, const torch::Tensor& b) {
  return a | b;

  m.def("fn", &fn, "test function");

ext = torch.utils.cpp_extension.load_inline("test_ext", csrc)
a = torch.tensor([False, True])
print(ext.fn(a, a[:, None]))

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I’ve checked before I post this question, and I’ve found that at::Tensor | at::Tensor is not allowed…
mask_ = (, 3) <=, 1) ) | (, 2) <=, 0) );

You probably want to upgrade your PyTorch version, I did check that the snippet above works with recent PyTorch.
Boolean tensors have been introduced in PyTorch 1.2 or so and PyTorch 1.3 and following refined the semantics.

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P.S.: We don’t use at::Tensor but torch::Tensor these days :slight_smile:.

I’ve found that
mask_ = (box[:, 3] <= box[:, 1]) | (box[:, 2] <= box[:, 0])
works but
mask_ = (, 3) <=, 1) ) | (, 2) <=, 0) );
does not work…which is quite not understandable for me…
In addition, does libtorch depend on pytorch version? I don’t understand clearly whether libtorch matters with pytorch version because I think libtorch is not connected with pytorch directly.

(Oh, I declare most of variables as torch::Tensor, but when I check the code with vscode, it shows that those are at::Tensor, which is unexpected for me. Anyway it seems no problem.)

libtorch is roughly the C++ part of PyTorch plus a C++ API for the bits of PyTorch implemented in Python. In particular, they share the versions. I usually just use the libtorch that comes with PyTorch to build things, but that could be me.
Do you use a recent libtorch?

Yes and I think version of both libtorch and pytorch are satisfied.