How can I modify certain layer's weight and bias?

I want to duplicate the paper’s work:Incremental network quantization.
In this paper ,the author quantize 50% parameters in a CNN network to pow of 2 and do not update these parameters(update the other 50% parameters to compensate the inaccuracy caused by quanzation)

I make a mask to indicate the parameters weather are quantized.

My code is like this:

qua_weight = qua_tensor(weight, pos_shreshold, mask_weight, max_ind, 2**3)
net.state_dict()['features.0.weight'].data = qua_weight

I found the code can run, but net.state_dict()['features.0.weight'].data = qua_weight this sentence can’t modify the weight of layer1.
Why and what should I do ?

I need to modify gradient. A very kind people in this forum tell me that i should use register_hook function. In fact, i use grad×mask ,I find my solution is also work? Am I right?

Mask is a tensor of 0 and 1 elements(one mask for one layer’s weight).My code is like layer.weight.grad×mask. And then use optimizer.step()

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i think you should do:


Thank you!
Your method is useful!
But I find that I can’t modify the weight use; I can use code like this :
for para in net.parameters():

to modify each layers’ weight and bias

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I have another question:
Because of the quantization operation ,I need to modify some layers’ grad.I want to use register_hook function.
To modify grad ,I will use the mask_weight and mask_bias as mentioned earilier .
How can register_hook register a function which need parameters?

Try net.state_dict()['features.0.weight'].copy_(qua_weight)

Thank you very much!
I think this is useful!