How can i save my model in a folder

When I want to sava my model , I use this code:

‘test’ is a folder, but i got this wrong
I konw it is a basic python 3 problem… so anyone can hele me? thank you! (My OS is Window10)

It seems that the colon is a reserved character in Windows systems. MSDN Naming Conventions

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The colon is used to indicate a separate data stream.
If you save to abc:d, then you will only be able to find a file named abc with seemingly zero size. That is because the data is actually stored in that file’s alternate data stream named d.

I had fun with LibreOffice once. A friend saved a file with a colon in the filename and didn’t understand why the file wouldn’t open when he clicked on it. Luckily LibreOffice could open it via the recent files list.

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Thanks!!! it solved the problem

Thanks a lot, I modified the filename and solved this problem