How can I use NCCL for distributed?

I installed nccl2 (downloaded from as follows:

  • sudo dpkg -i nccl-repo-XXXX.deb
  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt install libnccl2 libnccl-dev

Then I built pytorch source. It seems to be ok, I tested pytorch/build/bin/ProcessGroupNCCLTest and it output

Allreduce test successful
Broadcast test successful
Reduce test successful
Allgather test successful

But when I do

import torch.distributed as dist

It is False. and I cannot use nccl backend. What would be the possible cause?

My full-build log is at

Thank you.

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Oh, it seems to be an issue of the version, 166ee86b46721f6fd8f2c6ff4284787269fc36d1.
I downloaded 85d3fccee740bfa3493fab3f0bf7cea039e2c0bc and built again. Now it works well.
Thank you.

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