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how value ‘c99cafc152244af753f735de768cd75f’ is taken from cifar dataet?
My question is from where this md5 key is coming,ANy hints

train_list = [
[‘data_batch_1’, ‘c99cafc152244af753f735de768cd75f’],
[‘data_batch_2’, ‘d4bba439e000b95fd0a9bffe97cbabec’],
[‘data_batch_3’, ‘54ebc095f3ab1f0389bbae665268c751’],
[‘data_batch_4’, ‘634d18415352ddfa80567beed471001a’],
[‘data_batch_5’, ‘482c414d41f54cd18b22e5b47cb7c3cb’],


These are the md5 of files inside the compressed file you would dowload. I.e.:

tar -xf cifar-10-python.tar.gz
ls cifar-10-batches-py/
# batches.meta  data_batch_2  data_batch_4  readme.html
# data_batch_1  data_batch_3  data_batch_5  test_batch

md5sum cifar-10-batches-py/data_batch_1
# output: c99cafc152244af753f735de768cd75f  cifar-10-batches-py/data_batch_1
# and so on for all other files listed above


Thanks for replying @Nikronic