How dose slice assignment work in pytorch

b = a[:, 0:2], I guess slice of a will copy to tensor b
a[: 0:2] = a[:, 2:4], but how this work behind?

nope, b and a share memory, though b is a new python wrapper object with different strides

here python’s object.__setitem__ mechanism is used instead, making partial assignment with copying possible

tkx,and how does torch tensor implement this a[: 0:2] = a[:, 2:4]?

Should be the same as a[:,0:2].copy_(a[:,2:4]), i.e. strided mem. copy

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Indeed, in particular, the RHS is created and then copied over to the slice.

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tkx, so in a[:,0:2].copy_(a[:,2:4]), a[:,0:2] is just a reference not a clone?

That’s correct. ~~~~~~~~