How to add an ignore_label in loss layers?

I want to make a model based on ResNet to do semantic segmentation, and I
upsampled the last several layers with bilinear interpolation which is similar to the methods in FCN. However, I don’t know how to process the ignored_label in the
nn.NLLLoss2d layer. Does anyone know how to do that ?:yum:

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nn.NLLLoss2d takes in a weights parameter in it’s constructor, which is the weights given to each class. For the labels to ignore, you can give 0 weight and the ones to count, you can give weight of 1.

For example:

import torch
import torch.nn as nn

nClasses = 10
ignore_classes = torch.LongTensor([4, 7]) # ignore class 5 and 8
weights = torch.ones(nClasses)
weights[ignore_classes] = 0.0
loss = nn.NLLLoss2d(weights)