How to assing average of two models' weights into a new model?

Hi, so i have this network:

class Network(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self):
        super(Network, self).__init__()

        self.conv2d = nn.Sequential(
                nn.Conv2d(1, 64, (3,6), (1, 1)),

    def forward(self, input):
        output = self.conv2d(input)
        return output

The network is trained on two different dataset so to obtain two different models:


my objective is to average the weights and bias of them and put the result on a third model:

How can i achieve that?

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Cool question, I’ve tried,

I think, here’s you can solve this,
We can get weights of any model by model.parameters() which can be append into list as below

params1 = []
for param in model1.parameters():

similary do this to trained model2 and save in list params2

Now you initialize weights of model3 as

model3 = Network()
params3 = iter(params1 + params2)
for param in model3.parameters(): = next(params3)

but in this way there is no chance to average the weight from model1 and model2 right?

oh, You told to average weights and put on model3, I’ve misunderstood it,

I think your question is really to ensemble two or more pretrained model, here you can do that
Hope it solves your problem

no in the post that you sended me he combine two models, my goal is to get two identical model, get weights and bias and average them into a third model that has the same structure of the previous two

model parameters are actually weights and biases. As earlier, you can also get name of those parameters as

for name, params in model.named_parameters():

gives your weights and biases names as