How to calculate the FLOPs of a BatchNorm layer?

Hi, I’m trying to calculate the FLOPs of a BatchNorm2d layer, can anyone tell me how it is implemented in Pytorch? Is it always automatically fused into previous conv layer or not?

I’m not sure if a “true” FLOPS number can be calculated, as it depends on many vaiables (CUDA/MKL version, Driver version, model params, etc.) But the profiling tools might give you a good idea of computational cost.

Thanks for your reply! Will take a look at the tools you mentioned.

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How about this one? They did support batchnorm as well

Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked their code but it seems that they only implemented for inference, while I was trying to get a full estimation of FLOPs on training. But I guess just as tymokvo said, without knowing how the batchnorm is implemented in cuDNN, I can’t make any reasonable estimation.