How to convert PyTorch code into equivalent Cuda code?

I need Cuda codes of the pre-trained AlexNet, GoogleNet, and VGG. Is there any utility that converts PyTorch code into equivalent Cuda code? Kindly help. Thanks.

PyTorch code cannot be directly translated to CUDA code, as the CUDA kernels are only a part of the overall model.
What is your use case?

Thank you for your response. I want to use AlexNet and VGG inferencing on the GPGPU Simulator. But the simulator does not support PyTorch directly. So I want to convert pre-trained models from the PyTorch into Cuda codes and then use them on the simulator for inferencing. Is there any other possible way? Kindly help.

I’m not familiar with the GPGPU Simulator, but from a quick look at it, I’m not sure, if this library can be used to simulate a complete application or if it’s rather used for specific kernels.