How to create a new loss function on weights of fc.weight

Hello, I want to define a new loss function. Specifically, with the L1 norm applied on the weight of FC layer, my aim is to learn sparse feature. The code is following:

    params = model.state_dict()
    p = params['module.fc.weight']
    loss  = nn.CrossEntropyLoss()(output, target_var) + lambda*L1Loss(p)

here is my loss function

def L1loss(weight)
   loss = torch,norm(weight, p=1)
   return loss

Obviously, it does work. The L1 loss dosen’t decrease, but the CrossEntropyLoss seems well.

So, How to combine them? or my definition on L1 loss is wrong?

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did you try to increase the lambda parameter for L1Loss? I cant think of any other reason why it wont decrease

Is it feasible to add L1 norm to the loss?