How to deploy C++ LibTorch in Windows XP 32bit?

I want to deploy a CNN model in Windows XP 32 bit, and here are my operations:

  1. compile LibTorch-1.4.0 32bit with VS2017;
  2. finish the C++11 code and the .exe run successfully in win10 and win7 32bit;
  3. The code fails in XP which reports “MSVCP140.dll is invalid”.

I want to use VS2015_XP to compile and avoid the error in XP. However, the LibTorch uses C++11/14 which is not supported by VS2015. What should I do to run successfully in XP 32bit? Need help! TAT

I cannot be of much help regarding the current error, but you should note that Windows XP is not supported since April 2014 anymore, so I would recommend to abandon it completely.

Thanks for your reply~ Maybe XP is indeed too old… :disappointed_relieved:

The error might be unrelated to XP, but even if you get it working, you would create a honeypot with your machine and I would be really concerned to use an unsupported (and thus potentially vulnerable OS). :wink: