How to experiment on

Hi Everyone,

@Veril @apaszke

I am new to pytorch, and I would like to learn more of tensor operations by experimenting the file, since it got lots of examples inside.

Basically, I want to run each test_function on each tensor operation individually, so I can see how the operation work.

How I tried, but failed:

# inside jupyter notebook
%cd  /path to /pytorch-master/test

import torch
import test_torch
test1 = test_torch.TestTorch(methodName='runTest')

However, there is no error, nor return anything at all. Then I went to and added two print to test_dot() function as below, but nothing showed.

def test_dot(self):
        types = {
            'torch.DoubleTensor': 1e-8,
            'torch.FloatTensor': 1e-4,
        for tname, prec in types.items():
            v1 = torch.randn(100).type(tname)
            v2 = torch.randn(100).type(tname)
            res1 =, v2)
            res2 = 0
            for i, j in zip(v1, v2):
                res2 += i * j
            self.assertEqual(res1, res2)

Could anyone help me find a way to experiment on each test function individually?

Thanks a lot!