How to generate sentence with Trnasformer?


I am trying to make Trasformer model. Now I want to get output tensor and want to convert it into sentence. But I have no idea to get output.

I tried to get output referring to this repository.

This is the code of Transformer model.

import math
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
import torch.nn.functional as F
from torch.nn import TransformerEncoder, TransformerEncoderLayer, TransformerDecoder, TransformerDecoderLayer

class TransformerModel(nn.Module):

    def __init__(self, ntoken, ninp, nhead, nhid, nlayers, dropout=0.5):
        super(TransformerModel, self).__init__()
        self.model_type = 'Transformer'
        self.pos_encoder = PositionalEncoding(ninp, dropout)
        encoder_layers = TransformerEncoderLayer(ninp, nhead, nhid, dropout)
        self.transformer_encoder = TransformerEncoder(encoder_layers, nlayers)
        self.encoder = nn.Embedding(ntoken, ninp)
        self.decoder = nn.Embedding(ntoken, ninp)
        self.ninp = ninp
        decoder_layers = TransformerDecoderLayer(ninp, nhead, nhid, dropout)
        self.transformer_decoder = TransformerDecoder(decoder_layers, nlayers)


    def generate_square_subsequent_mask(self, sz):
        mask = (torch.triu(torch.ones(sz, sz)) == 1).transpose(0, 1)
        mask = mask.float().masked_fill(mask == 0, float('-inf')).masked_fill(mask == 1, float(0.0))
        return mask

    def init_weights(self):
        initrange = 0.1, initrange)
        #, initrange)

    def forward(self, src, trg):
        trg_mask = model.generate_square_subsequent_mask(trg.size()[0]).to(device)
        src = self.encoder(src)
        trg = self.decoder(trg)
        src = self.pos_encoder(src)
        trg = self.pos_encoder(trg)
        output = self.transformer_encoder(src)
        output = self.transformer_decoder(trg, output,tgt_mask = trg_mask)
        return output

This is the code that I am trying to generate sentence.

def gen_sentence(sentence, src_field, trg_field, model, max_len = 50):

  tokens = [src_field.init_token] + tokenizer(sentence) + [src_field.eos_token]
  src_index = [src_field.vocab.stoi[i] for i in tokens]
  src_tensor = torch.LongTensor(src_index).unsqueeze(0).to(device)
  # src_len = torch.LongTensor([len(src_index)]).to(device)
  src_tensor = model.encoder(src_tensor)
  src_tensor = mode.pos_encoder(src_tensor)
  with torch.no_grad():
    enc_output = model.transformer_encoder(src_tensor)
  trg_index = [trg_field.vocab.stoi[trg_field.init_token]]
  for i in range(max_len):
    trg_tensor = torch.LongTensor(trg_index[-1]).unsqueeze(2).to(device)
    trg_tensor = model.encoder(trg_tensor)
    trg_tensor = model.pos_encoder(trg_tensor)
    with torch.no_grad():
      output = model.transformer_deocder(trg_tensor, enc_output)
    pred_token = output.argmax(1).item()
    if pred_token == trg_field.vocab.stoi[trg_field.eos_token]:

  trg_tokens = [trg_field.vocab.itos[i] for i in trg_index]
  return trg_tokens

  def gen_sentence_list(path): 
  col, pred = [], []
  input, output = [], []
  with open(path, mode = 'r') as f:
    for file_list in f:
  for i in col:

  for sentence in input:
    pred.append(gen_sentence(sentence, SRC, SRC, model))
  return input, output, pred
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