How to get a float power of a negative float number?

-0.9955 ** 0.0448
Out[11]: -0.9997979654463205

torch.Tensor([-0.9955]) ** torch.Tensor([0.0448])
Out[16]: tensor([nan])

I want to use pytorch get the number -0.9997979654463205. Thanks.

The plain Python code calculates:

-(0.9955 ** 0.0448)
> -0.9997979654463205

While you are trying to calculate

(-0.9955) ** 0.0448
> (0.989911956308302+0.14025081271947198j)

in PyTorch, which is a complex number.
If you want the first output in PyTorch, just use:

-1.0 * torch.tensor([0.9955]) ** torch.tensor([0.0448])
> tensor([-0.9998])
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Oh, thanks.

It’s my problem that I didn’t notice the priorities of - and ** when writing the demo, but your second demo is really what I’m trying to say, thank you very much!

If I write demo correctly, I guess I would understand the problem.