How to get data member and member function of torch._C.Value and torch._C.Graph?

By torchscript tracing(I see this in, in _trace_and_get_graph_from_model() function), I can get an object instance of torch._C.Graph, but how can know the data members and available member functions of class torch._C.Graph?
If the instance name of torch._C.Graph is graph, by calling list(graph.inputs()) (just as shown in torch/onnx/, we can get a list of torch._C.Value, so, how can I know the data members and available member functions of torch._C.Value?

I think there should be some cpp codes for torch._C.Graph and torch._C.Value, but I am not sure which class is corresponding to torch._C.Value.

For example, there is struct Graph defined in caffe2/core/graph.h, third_party/onnx/onnx/common/ir.h, torch/csrc/jit/ir/ir.h, I don’t know which file defineds torch._C.Graph.

You can get attributes via print(dir(torch._C.Graph)), but note that torch._C is an internal function and thus there is no guarantee it won’t break or attributes will be added or removed without any warning.