How to get the graph of your DNN drawn?

Hi all,

I am wondering if there is an easy plug-and-play way in order for me to have a nice visualization of my DNN that I have designed?

Im after something simple to be honest, just something where I can see the various layers connected to each other to get a sense of what I have coded.


There will be a TensorBoard integration at some point in the future, which will enable interactive graphs.
For the moment, you can use this script, and an example of how to use it can be seen in this ipython notebook


Hey, i’m also waiting for the TensorBoard integration.
How could i contribute?

For the moment, we need to wait until the new autograd is merged into master (which should happen next week). Once that’s done, one can start working on a tensorboard integration, as the underlying graph representation from PyTorch shouldn’t change much


Any updates on the tensorboard integration? How can I contribute?

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Has PyTorch got a tensorboard integration? Or somebody working on it already. I was thinking about giving it a shot if nobody has started yet.

Both me and I think @albanD gave it a shot in implementing it.
But we realized that before it could be possible to have a nice Tensorboard integration, we would need either or merged into master.

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Sounds good, i’ll wait for that then. Thanks

Do we have any plans to build own visualization tool based on jit.trace or ONNX? I and my colleagues had built one basic visualizer and we were planning to make a better one. If somebody is working on it already, would like to discuss.