How to handle batch_size when using linear layer?

Hi everybody ! I’m currently building LSTM auto_encoder and i use linear layer.
Linear layer need a flat vector in input but i got a batch_size so i dont know how to handle it. Let’s see the code to be more precise

In init

INPUT_FC = self.sequence_len * self.hidden_dim

        self.fc = nn.Sequential(
            nn.Linear(in_features=INPUT_FC, out_features=self.hidden_dim // 2),
            nn.Linear(in_features=self.hidden_dim // 2, out_features=self.latent_dim),

in forward method :

# SIZE(output) = (seq_len, batch_size, num_directions * hidden_dim) if batch_first=False
        # SIZE(output) = (batch_size,seq_len, num_directions * hidden_dim) if batch_first=True
        # here num_directions = 1 because it's times series (times is ordonned)

        # SIZE(h_embeded) = SIZE(c_embeded) = (batch_size,hidden_dim)

        # output = output.view(-1)
        # fc need a flat vector
        output = output.view(1, output.size(1) * output.size(2))

        lattent_vector = self.fc(output)
        # fc take seq_len*hidden_dim

Thanks you !

nn.Linear expects the input to have the shape [batch_size, *, nb_features], the tensor should not be completely flattened to a 1-dim tensor.

Usually you would use out = out.view(out.size(0), -1) before feeding the activations to the linear layer.
However, I’m currently unsure, if you are using batch_first=True or not, so you might need to permute the dimensions before.